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ESGE hand blender - the food processor in the hand.

For over 50 years - the classic for the modern kitchen!

Always new generations discover the ESGE hand blender. In the 50 years the efficiency of the traditional housewife stood in the foreground. Even then, the ESGE blender recognized and valued services rendered in countless kitchens.

Today it is the healthy, high quality and light diet, which employs people across the cultures of the world. The ESGE hand blender makes this unique service, but it is extremely simple and versatile use. A true kitchen friend for all people share in their diet on the processing of fresh foods.

In recent years, the program has been supplemented by useful accessories such as the ESGE Mincer and ESGE Dry Grinder. There is now no longer important raw processing, which can not be overcome with the ESGE hand blender.

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 ESGE Blender accessories
 ESGE Mincer ESGE Mincer
13,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Meat Blade ESGE Meat Blade
14,99 €*  » see details
38,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Processor ESGE Processor
56,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Dry Grinder ESGE Dry Grinder
27,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Whisk ESGE Whisk
12,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Dry Grinder Replacement Blade ESGE Dry Grinder Replacement Blade
No. 432006
10,99 €*  » see details
 ESGE Beater ESGE Beater
12,99 €*  » see details